Can Everyone Really Learn Lucid Dreaming?

We spend one third of our lives asleep, but what if that time was put to good use? I am speaking of course about lucid dreaming, which is knowing you are dreaming while still asleep in bed. When you are lucid dreaming, there are opportunities to explore not only the dream, but also your foundations of reality.

Once thought to be the territory of only mystics and yogis, now we know that lucid dreaming can be learned by almost anyone. The most important factor is for potential lucid dreamers to have a strong intention to learn, or they will be disappointed. However, lucid dreaming is not for everyone, so let's explore some traits of successful lucid dreamers.

Before anyone can learn about lucid dreaming, it's important to be adept at remembering dreams. After all, how can you become aware you are dreaming if you don't even remember your dreams in the first place? Luckily, remembering dreams is also a learnable skill for most people; all it takes is some patience, and a journal beside the bed to capture dream fragments after waking up. That is the first secret of lucid dreaming: to make bridges between the day world and the night world.

Next, it is a fact that most excellent lucid dreamers have a better-than-average sense of balance. Vestibular activity plays a big role in consciousness, whether we are dreaming or awake. It follows that beginner lucid dreamers who have a body practice that develops their balance will learn the skill more easily. Some examples are yoga, tai chi, gymnastics, and the martial arts.

Finally, the most successful beginner lucid dreamers also are working on developing their minds during their waking life as well as their dreaming life. There are lots of ways to build brain power during the day, such as gardening, having a meditation practice, playing competitive sports, and board games like Scrabble or Risk. Lucid dreaming isn't for everyone, but if you can remember your dreams, develop your body's balance, and keep a mind-development regime, you will easily find success in becoming aware during the dream state.